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Top-Quality Diesel Truck Services in Atlanta, GA

A diesel engine is a sterling example of a workhorse power plant that keeps most commercial vehicles rolling. You can find them in just about every cargo truck and van on the roads. Even though they offer outstanding durability, they are not indestructible and need maintenance and repair from time to time. The most effective way to obtain that and keep your fleet of vehicles operating at peak performance is by relying on our diesel truck services in Atlanta, GA, at Import Trucks of Atlanta.

If you allow us to perform a truck engine rebuild on your heavy hauler, then you can be assured of additional years of like-new service from your vehicle. A rebuild breathes new life into a motor by replacing worn parts and bringing the unit back to factory specs. This removes all signs of wear and helps restore compression and fuel efficiency to the engine. A rebuild is a much cheaper alternative to purchasing a new diesel motor for your truck. You get the same performance at a more economical price.

Not only do we provide rebuilds, but we also offer many other truck maintenance and repair solutions for our customers. We can fix and offer upkeep for every component and system in your vehicle. Rely on us to service products from all the major manufacturers on the market.

Our team is proud to support clientele around the world. We serve customers in the following regions:

North America: United States • Mexico • Canada | Australia: Sydney | North Africa: Morocco • Tunisia | Middle East: Saudi Arabia | Central America: Honduras • El Salvador • Costa Rica • Belize • Haiti • Nicaragua