Truck Repair in Atlanta, GA
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A Full Selection of Trucks and Truck Parts in Atlanta, GA

“A picture is worth a thousand words,” may be accurate, but we also want to take this opportunity to tell you, as well as show you how we provide complete services for your rig at Import Trucks of Atlanta. As you can see from our gallery, we have a range of modern trucks and truck parts in Atlanta, GA, that we offer to our customers at our spacious and easily accessible shop. 

We have a large inventory of inexpensive, used truck parts ranging from cabs to axles to transmissions to engines to turbochargers to fuel pumps. This is just a small example of our vast assortment of parts. In addition to the components you need, we also offer complete repair services and DOT inspections. Our highly trained technicians can quickly sort out the problem by using the latest high-tech systems, including DPF and DEF diagnostics. 

An Affordable Option 

New trucks are costly, there’s no question about that, but there is an affordable option at Import Trucks of Atlanta. You can come to us for used truck sales that allow you to get on the road at a fraction of the cost of a new rig. We have what you need and will help you save money, too.